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BIGANSUI Medicated Lotion 90ml Acne and Oily Skin

BIGANSUI Medicated Lotion 90ml Acne and Oily Skin

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This cosmetic lotion gives moisture to your skin while preventing acne.
This product has sold over 100 years.

It decomposes excess sebum, sterilizes acne bacteria, and controls sebum secretion.

Putting plenty before make-up in the morning prevents make-up collapse due to sebum. Recommended for those who prefer a refreshing feeling of use, those with severe stickiness and more acne · pimples.

Ingredients: salicylic acid, homosulfamine, geraniol-modified alcohol, PG, fragrance

Skin type: Oily

Meishoku Bigansui is a Japanese skin care lotion that effectively treats acne and controls sebum.

Besides killing acne bacteria and controlling the sebum it also prevents freckles and mottled skin.

Released in 1885 this lotion has been a long-selling product among all genders and ages in Japan and abroad.


After washing your face, put the lotion either on your hands or cotton and gently apply on your skin.

Do not leave the cotton on your skin for a long time like a face mask.


Contents: 90ml / 3oz
Made in: Japan

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