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Coconut body Lotion ( For Those that want to maintain their natural Skin)

Coconut body Lotion ( For Those that want to maintain their natural Skin)

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Coconut Body Lotion:
Good for Both Light and Dark Skin.

Protect the skin against harmful sun rays, repair and replenishes dead skin cells, and leave the skin firmly toned.
If you desire a clean, clear, and glowing, caramel skin tone without lightening your skin. this is for you. are you brown or dark-skinned and looking forward to brightening your skin? then, this should be your first step.
our coconut body lotion gives a clean, clear, and glowing caramel skin tone without whitening the skin.

Suggested Usage:
Make sure to remove the stopper on the jar before dispensing.
after a bath, dab your skin with a clean towel leaving in some little water on your body that way the herbal moist and essential vitamins contained in the cream will lock into your pores for better results. then dispense some amount of the Coconut body lotion on your palm and apply on the body “only”, concentrating more on the tougher parts of your body, for perfect even-toned skin.
be consistent and trust the process, to be used morning and night.

Water, Nicotinamide, butanediol, squalene, Cocamide DEA, hamamelis virginiana extract, Jasminum Sambac extract, Simmondsia Chinensis seed oil, Sodium, chyaluronate, phenoxyethanol, Carrot seed oil.

For Shinning Glow Caramel Skin.

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