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Makari Naturalle Carotonic Extreme Glow Renewing Body Lotion

Makari Naturalle Carotonic Extreme Glow Renewing Body Lotion

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Small packages are usually just a hint of good things to come, but this 500 mL lotion is the real deal! It erases blemishes, scars, and hyperpigmentation with a blend of botanicals to balance out oil levels, so you can have clear, glowing and healthy skin.

Recommended for combination, oily and acne-prone skin types. 
  • GENTLE SKIN BRIGHTENING: Makari Carotonic Extreme Body Lotion is a gentle skin brightener with moisturizing botanicals. Balance your skin tone by increasing radiance and restoring overall vibrancy.
  • MAINTAINS OIL BALANCE: Our body care brightener lotion helps fight excess oil production and promotes oil balance in your skin. It’s part of our Naturalle care line for oily and acne-prone skin types.
  • SLOWS EFFECTS OF AGING: Maintain vibrant, healthy, youthful skin with our body lotion for women. Daily use in the morning and evening helps you resist the signs of aging by rejuvenating your skin.
  • HELPS FADE BODY SCARS: Our skin lotion helps fade body acne blemishes and body scars over time. Pamper your skin with the natural treatment of plant extracts that actively target imperfections.
  • SPECIAL SKINCARE FORMULA: Our skin moisturizer's proprietary blend of ingredients includes Carrot Oil, Blackberry, and our patented Vegeclairine. This high-potency, brightening complex targets hyperpigmentation and evens tone.
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