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Phyto Ceramides Candy White Beautiful Skin +Collagen Supplements

Phyto Ceramides Candy White Beautiful Skin +Collagen Supplements

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This is PhytoCeramides CANDY WHITE Beautiful Skin Pure White + Collagen Supplement

7g x 30 Sachets in the box

Brand New and Boxed

Candy White Phyto ceramides is the latest addition to the phyto collagen family. It's proven to be 99.9% effective in lightening up the complexion within a month It is rich in antioxidants and fine nutrients. Produced with a special process, , absorbs well. "Fast acting". See results quickly.

 In addition, it; 
*Helps to adjust the function of melanin pigment. 
*Accelerate deep skin cell renewal to brighten the skin 
*Helps increase moisture to deep skin cells and gives a hydrated plumper appearance. 
*Stimulate the creation of the highest level of collagen. 
*Stimulate blood circulation to healthy skin
 *Reduce wrinkles 
*Firm skin 
* Reduces freckles, dark spots, reduce acne scars 
*Smoothes pores 
*Tighten the face to make it more slender, V shape beautiful and dreamy.

Direction: For best result, pour sachet into your mouth without mixing with water in the morning before breakfast and before sleep.

Please get the original products as the majority are no longer buying directly from the company anymore. 

NB: Please be watchful of fake products

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