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Pimples , Acne & Spot Treatment set.

Pimples , Acne & Spot Treatment set.

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Pimples Acne and Spot Treatment set:
For clearer skin from ages 12 and up
Smartly formulated - Works with your skin, not just on your skin.
Rich in natural ingredients,

The product contains a moisturizing ingredient that keeps the skin moisturized for a long time. Aloe Vera extract gently penetrates the skin, removes excessive oil, dirt and dust from the skin, thereby improving the pimple caused by dirt blocking the pores.
The essence of the product moisturizes the skin and makes the skin softer.

Directions: Wash your face with the Sea Salt acne removal soap, Apply Rose Clay Face Mask for 30 to 40minute, wash with Sea Salt soap, then apply the pimples treatment cream.
Use Day and Night.

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